Lars wrote a story to illustrate why you need STONITH. The story being about three hundred words long, a picture being worth a thousand words, and assuming one frame in a comic counts as one picture, between us we now have 8,300 words on why you need STONITH. Hopefully that should be enough words to convice anybody.

The Scenario

Bad Outcomes

I do not need STONITH or have disabled it
I used the null mechnaism intended only for testing I used an ssh-based mechanism

Good Outcomes

A poison-pill mechanism with hardware watchdog support Talk to a network power switch etc. to cut the power

6 thoughts on “The STONITH Story

  1. I noticed that nobody has commented… and this cartoon is rather creative (it sorta made my evening). So… thank you for this. Do you think you might try doing cartoons for other technical topics? It’s certainly inspired me to consider trying it – just for fun.

  2. “Dave.” Good choice of names. “Open the pod bay door, HAL.” “I can’t do that, Dave.” So 2001: A Space Odyssey was actually a STONITH death match.

  3. Hi Tim

    Jonathan Hayward from Melbourne here. The cartoons are brilliant! If you decide to take a break from software engineering, you could definitely get a gig as a cartoonist.
    I often ask Mum how you’re doing and she says you’re living on a farm in Tasmania… pretty much sounds like the perfect lifestyle to me.
    All the best Tim 🙂

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