Prior Art

I’ve just been reminded that I never posted the drawing I did during the presentation that Florian and I gave at 2011.

This PDF is the one I drew during the talk, the only change being the addition of a copyright notice.  The “slides” will actually make sense if you were either present at the talk, or if you’ve seen the video.

This PDF is a slightly more polished version, with labels on each panel, which may be more appropriate for a printout and/or may make slightly more sense without the exposition present in the talk.

The drawing was done in Inkscape using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, so the originals are SVGs, but I’m operating under the assumption that PDF is still a more widely viewable format.  Also, the WordPress upload widget is whining about SVG files being a security risk, and I don’t want to have to convince it otherwise right now.  If anyone actually wants the SVGs, please let me know and I’ll sort something out.

One last thing before I forget: both our email addresses have changed since 2011, so don’t believe the drawing on that count.  It’s not lying about anything else though 🙂

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