I saw this on Twitter today:

I’m going to leave aside the possibility that this is a plot by someone else to ruin Justin D’Agostino’s life by forging an email to Kelly Ellis, as I’ve seen similar sentiments posted too many times (i.e. more than never), and I’m fucking sick of it.

Assuming for a moment that the egg-donor hypothesis is correct, if you are insufficiently evolved to control your urges (or if you share any of the opinions stated in the email above), then you are insufficiently evolved to warrant employment. Please leave and make room for someone else.

1 thought on “Evolution

  1. Strange to say, I haven’t seen this problem in the places I have worked (on the whole). Although I have regularly seen instances of people just being dicks. Or is it because I don’t think this way that I haven’t noticed?

    Or maybe I’ve just been lucky at the places where I’ve worked.

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