So. A Blog.

I’ve been meaning to turn this (previously static HTML) site into something a bit easier to update for a very long time.  Now I’ve finally gone ahead and done it, and I’ve discovered that if I don’t actually provide a post in addition to the pages accessible from the menu bar, the home page just says “nothing found”.  Yuck.

So here’s a few things that I’ve had hosted here, but that until now were only linked to from various other sites or random mailing list posts:

Cross-Distribution Packaging Made Easy

This is a talk I gave at OSDC 2011 about the Open Build Service:

Introduction to SUSE Studio

A presentation about SUSE Studio for the March 2011 SAGE-AU Tasmanian chapter meeting:

High Availability in 37 Easy Steps

A presentation for Linux Users Victoria in April 2010 on High Availability on Linux: